Benjamin Gifford Evony


Benjamin Gifford the Vice President of Top Games Inc. Top Games makes strategy games for mobile devices, which is what they do best. The game helped the company get started, and more than 100 million people around the world have downloaded it. The developer is also making new games for platforms other than mobile. Alliance of Glory, Infinity Clan, and King's Legion are some of the other games made by this company. It's important to remember that Top Games share of revenue comes from the sales of mobile games, so this number could be a good sign of how much money it will make in the future.

In the MMORPG Evony, if you want to, you can destroy your own buildings. You can do this by destroying them one level at a time, which will give you back some of the resources you used to improve them. Demolition takes time, but you can get back some of the money and materials you already spent on them. How long it takes to tear down a building depends on what kind of building it is.

If you want to keep your game progress safe, you need to get enough truce agreements. Your city will be safe for a certain amount of time, usually 24 hours, because of these agreements. There are also agreements that last for three or seven days. During the truce, it is important to keep your city safe. If you don't, you could lose it to an attack. Peace agreements are easy to make, which is good news.

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